Top 3 Best Table Saw Fences

Choosing a table saw is a difficult task in itself. There are so many varieties available in the market that one may get confused. But if you have finally zeroed onto the perfect table saw then the next thing you will be needing is a table saw fence. These fences are easily available in the hardware stores and are not too expensive. They ease your work of feeding wood to the saw. If the table saw and table saw fences are used properly, you will be able to make some of the finest woodworks and the furniture will minimal wastage. The fences simplify your work and make the task faster.

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Shop Fox W2005 Classic Fence with Standard Railsgood$$Click Here!
Delta Power Tools 78-919BT2 Biesemeyer Fence, Blackgood$$Click Here!
Craftsman 089110120706 Table Saw RIP Fence Assemblygood$Click Here!

What Is A Table Saw Fence?

Table saw fences are the sliding part of the saw. Most furniture builders use table saw fences to improve the quality of their work. This helps in creating furniture which has a nice finish, without any crude edges. The better quality fence you use, they better will be the furniture you create. So choose wisely.

Here are a few table saw fences which are of the best kind:

1. Shop Fox W2005 Classic Fence With Standard Rails

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This is a smooth operating fence which helps in yielding good quality results. It has a wide right angle to improve accuracy, the powder coated paint improves the durability of this fence, plus, it fits most of the table saws. The single locking cam action level, which has a HDPE plastic fence, has very low sliding resistance. The cam lever helps in simply locking the fence in position. The HDPE fence ensures minimal friction so that the material feeding becomes effortless. The fence with adjustable slider pads make sure that the product moves well, and can be adjusted from time to time by putting in minimal effort. Accurate and fast positioning can be achieved because of the magnified cursor and self adhesive scale.

This product is built to last a long time. The design of this fence, ensure many years of problem free service and reliable operation. Another thing is that, the parts of this fence are ruggedly built, and the rigid quality control program of the company ensures that these fences are easy and safe to use. The simple lift of design helps in removing and re-installing the machine very easily. The product is a must for those who use table saws because of its innumerable qualities, which will simplify the task of building woodworks.

2. Delta Power Tools 78-919bt2 Biesemeyer Fence, Black

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Table saw fences are gaining immense popularity with the carpenters and woodworkers because it simplifies the task in hand by simply reducing the effort one would put otherwise in a situation when they have to work without table saw fences. The weight of this fence is 31.2 pounds, the dimensions are 44.8X 18.5X 65 inches. There are no requirements for batteries to use for these fences which are made in the USA. This product is the industry’s very first hairline accurate fence in right and left hand cuts. The 3 point locking system makes it one of the best table saw fences available in the market. The fact that the entire fence is adjustable creates finer, better and more accurate cuts.

Using the Delta Power Tools 78-919BT2 Biesemeyer Fence, is does not require any rocket science. If you are a pro at making furniture, and working with table saws then this fence will be a breeze to install and work with. Just by installing a good fence you reduce the effort you put into your work. Plus the quality of the woodcutting and the precision will improve too. Using a good quality fence while working on expensive woodworks, will reduce wastage and splintering. It is a good idea to invest in a fine hardware like this fence from Delta power tools.


3. Craftsman 089110120706 Table Saw Rip Fence Assembly

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The dimensions of this product are 3 inch long, 3 inch wide and 7 in inch height. The weight of the item while it is packed is 7 pounds. Originating from of the best and most popular hardware companies in America; this table saw fence is one of the finest hardware products available in the market. The company is known for its durable products which are innovative and consistent in the long run. The products locks in place and helps in feeding the wood to the saw, very easily and precisely. If you want a good quality fence for your saw table, then you can give this a try with closed eyes.

Using table saw will be a new experience altogether if you use the Craftsman 089110120706 Table Saw RIP Fence Assembly, it is very handy and works like a breeze once it is installed. The best part about this product is that it is not very heavy on the pocket and its installation is very simple. You can use it every time you are working on a project and it will definitely give you satisfactory results. The price of these fences will not burn a hole in your pocket. Once you start working with them you will realize that the products are worth the money you paid for them.


Working with wood can sometimes require a lot of effort, but with the help of simple tools you can make your work faster and better. The use of these fences will assure that the woodwork you are performing is very accurate and the end product has a polished finish. Even if you are a novice in this field, the fences and table saw will ease your work without putting in too much stress. Even though there are many other options available in the market these 3 table saw fences are one of the best and are mostly used by perfectionist craftsmen. These table saw fences can be purchased online without having to step out of the house. Now that you have already known about the product description and their application you will not have any difficulty in choosing best fence for your table saw.