Top 3 Best Powermatic Table Saws Reviews

Are you on the lookout for a table saw? If you are in the woodworking profession, you would want a powerful device that will allow you to work on diverse wood working projects. A table saw, by definition, includes circular saw blade which is mounted on an arbor which is operated by a motor. One can use the table saw to cut up different pieces of wood as per sizes and shapes desired. In any woodworking shop such a tool is a necessary component.

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Powermatic PM1000 1791001K Table Saw 50-Inch Fencevery good$$$Click Here!
Powermatic PM1000 1791000K Table Saw 30-Inch Fenceexcellent$Click Here!

How To Choose A Table Saw

There are several categories of table saws available in the market. While the portable ones are inexpensive and small, they cannot be used to conduct large cuts on heavy pieces of wood. For such reason, there are powerful motor powered saw applications that are ideal for the wood working workshops. There are cabinet makers who need powerful wood cutting tools that will allow them to make accurate dimensions out of large pieces of wood. For such purpose, there are several heavy duty table saw machines available in the market. Some popular products are reviewed here for one to get a glimpse of the product features and to know which product will come of most use for a specific purpose.

1. Powermatic Three Horsepower Cabinet Saw Of 1792000K Series

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This particular cabinet saw comes with a fifty inch accurate fence. It is mounted on a table board that has extension wings of cast iron to support extra large wooden boards for cutting. The saw is operated with power of 230 volts. There table saw is designed such that it tilts to the left and has built in casters that are retractable. The dimensions of the table saw are 85x37x34.5 inches and weighs about six hundred pounds.

This table saw is powered by a three horsepower motor which supports the ten inch cabinet saw. Accordingly, it sets a new standard for massive designs to be built with ease. The table does not vibrate while the motor and the saw are active and there are oversized cast iron extension tables available for ease of working. The arbor lock has a push button feature which is accessible from the tabletop. The cabinet saw comes with a drive belt system that can operate in a quiet and efficient manner. The table has a rugged design which allows smooth operation even when heavy cabinetry work is being done.

2. Powermatic Table Saw With Fifty Inch Fence Of 1791001K Series

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Such a table saw works on 115volts of power. The blade of the machine has a blade surround and there is a collection hose provided. In such a way, dust collection is maximized. There is a power switch conveniently located as well as a guard assembly which has separate side leaves. The miter gauge pivots about sixty degrees on both sides.

When one invests in a table saw machine of this kind, they will be able to heighten the standard of wood working in their home. One can easily get this portable machine in their workshop or garage. The poly v belt that is fitted on it allows the table vibration to be reduced. The motor works efficiently and quietly. The dust collection feature is good and allows less of a mess to be created when one is at work. The fence system of the machine is designed so one gets the stability they need that is crucial for working on woodworking projects with ease and security. Many customers have ordered and utilized the product whose feedback can be obtained from different forums. As a result, one can gain a general idea of the performance they can expect from this machine before they order it in.

3. Powermatic Table Saw With Thirty Inch Fence

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When you are shopping for a table saw, you can take a look at the varying sizes and models of the table saw range offered by the Powermatic brand. There are many features of this particular product which prove beneficial for a reliable product for woodworking enthusiasts. The cabinet saw is designed to operate on 115V of power. There is a blade surround as well as a collection hose. That makes an easy path for collection of the dust that accumulates while one is working. The miter gauge is designed to pivot sixty degrees on either side.

With such properties, the blade saw portable machine allows for easy and effective usage. The power switch is conveniently located along with a guard assembly that does not require any tools. As a result, safety is maximized for the user. One can make versatile cuts on wood or plywood with the easily pivotable miter gauge. Those who are used to a contractor saw can also opt for this product that packs in a lot of power even with its lightweight structure and less need for power. Many customers have rated the product highly on many customer forums.


When you are shopping for table saws, Powermatic is a reliable brand to opt for. It is best to choose a brand that offers products in such a range. Powermatic is known to offer different kinds of table saws, from the heavy duty kind to the light and versatile portable machines. When one is choosing one such product, they need to decide based on the product features. Special emphasis should be given to the motor power, the blade length and safety features. The stability of the table top is another feature to consider. All such details become clear from the feedback from the customers. One should review such feedback in order to understand which product is ideal for their specific requirements. Again, one can compare the reviews of one brand to another and check the price range that the products come in. As a result, one will be well informed before one makes a purchase decision. In such ways, reviews are crucial for one to come to the right and objective decision. These are easily found on many customer forums these days.