Top 3 Best Craftsman Table Saws Reviews

There are many who find several uses of a table saw. It might be a simple machine for wood work, but it offers different versatile functions. A woodworking saw comprises of a blade of the circular saw dimension. This is fitted into an arbor which is powered by an electric motor. The table saw is useful for cutting small pieces of wood which can then be cut into different sizes and shapes. This device is a must in most woodworking workshops.

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Different Varieties Of Table Saws

There are different varieties of woodworking saws that are found in the market these days. Those who need to do small jobs find the portable saws best for their needs. It is inexpensive and small, taking up less space and useful for small jobs. Many wood working shops make use of the contractor’s saw and this is the common type used most by workmen. The most powerful sawing machines are those for cabinets as the saws need to work on large surfaces. Also, the sawing machines need to cut in a precise manner for which saws of sharp and accurate blades are required. If you are starting out in the profession or hobby of woodworking, you would want to look at the different models and designs that are available in the market. Most table saws are in demand as these have the necessary tools mounted in a table that allows different designs to be cut. Here are reviews of some popular products in this category.

1. Ten Inch Table Saw Of 15 AMP From Craftsman

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This particular portable table saw belongs to the Evolv range from Craftsman. The kit comes with a table saw, blade wrenches, a carbide tipped blade, anti kickback features, hex keys, push stick, rip fence, miter gauge, blade guard assembly along with an operator’s manual. This versatile table saw comes with a sheer table top. The motor works with fifteen amp power which allows the table saw to be used with tough materials as well. The miter gauge can be adjusted easily. The guarding system allows versatility as well as a blade coverage that is superior.

This table saw machine allows smooth cuts to be achieved easily. The motor might seem to be lightweight but it can handle tough materials easily. The miter gauge can be adjusted so that accurate control can be maintained even in the bevels and corners. The guarding system and blade coverage being superior, the package is safe for handling. The fence can be quickly mounted and released which allows the fast rip adjustments to be made. The table stand made of durable stainless steel allows the working height to be adjusted. The table top surface is made of steel and is of large dimensions that allow a variety of materials to be supported on the table top.

2. Ten Inch Table Saw From Craftsman

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This table saw comes with a base with dimensions 22×18 inches in depth and 58 inches in height. The depth of the cuts varies as per the angle at which boards are cut on this table saw machine.  There is a proprietary guidance system which allows one to line up the boards for every cut. The blade is about ten inches and is tipped with carbide. There is a miter gauge fitted on the machine for accurate measurements. There is an out feed support which allows smooth feeding of boards.

The table saw machine is built to provide precision, clean cuts and speed for making cabinet boards. Sheets of plywood can be easily ripped with the machine. One can build boxes of perfect dimension as well as make slotting boards. The wide base of the machine allows heavy pieces of plywood and boards to be handled with ease. Even though the table is easily moved, it has a stable base and is durable and dependable. This table saw machine will get all kinds of wood working jobs done easily. This table saw is ideal for beginner wood workers as per the review of several customers who have rated it above average.

3. Ten Inch Portable Table Saw From Craftsman

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This particular product comes in gray or silver. One can easily assemble the different parts with the operator’s manual provided along with the kit. The motor is of 15 amp voltage. The blade diameter is ten inches and there are safety enhancement features included. There is protection included for the overloading of the motor. The table is made of die cast aluminum with swivel and height adjustable features. The kit comes with extensions, saw, blade guard, miter gauge, wrenches and other vital accessories. The depth range of cuts that are possible with the machine is also specified for the ease of working with the user.

This table saw is a portable device and comes with a lightweight motor attached. As per the table surface width and range, one can understand that such a machine can support light woodwork projects. Thus, for doing odd jobs and small projects this is a suitable machine provided by Craftsman. The machine can be easily moved from one place to another as well as stored away easily. The guard system for the blade and the miter gauge allows for accurate and precise cuts and measurements to be done. The dust collection feature is also handy of this machine.


When you are looking to buy table saws, you can consider the number of products offered in this category by Craftsman. This brand is known to offer different products in such a category. For those who are into woodworking, they will do well to look at the range of products that this brand offers. There are different dimensions of the table saw machines offered as per the kind of woodworking projects handled and the power required. Thus, if you are handling small projects, you would find a ten inch table saw suitable while a fifty or thirty inch table saw would be ideal for large projects. You need to decide on the portable feature you are looking for and accordingly choose the product you want.