Best SKIL Table Saw Review


If you are a home owner, you may need the saw to do different woodwork while constructing or repairing the house or furniture.  A good table saw is necessary for any project involving the use of wood and carpentry work. If you are a person who is not very skilled in woodworking, but, still want to do a DIY woodwork project, then SKIL 3410-02 120-Volt 10-Inch Table Saw with Folding Stand will be the best machine to help you in the process.

Best SKIL Table Saw

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Ease Of Use

This will be a great buy for customers who want to have some safety while using the saw. You will find this saw easy to activate and to use to make different cuts. You can use this saw for small or big projects and you can carry it to any part of the house where you feel comfortable to work as they are foldable and portable. This tool offers versatility and allows the user to cut the wood according to the dimensions needed by them.

Product Description

Items In The Package

If you are purchasing the SKIL 3410-02 you will get 10 inch saw, one self- aligning rip fence, heavy- duty stand which is foldable, miter gauge, saw blade with carbide tooth and two blade wrenches. The items in the package can be easily assembled for your use. The cast aluminum table with the measurement of 20 in. x 26in which can be extended offers enough space to do work with wood of different stock size.

What Makes It The Best Choice?

The safety features like the blade guard and anti kickback pawls are very convenient for the user. The self-aligning rip fence makes the saw work flawlessly to cut plywood and stock wood. The user will be able to make accurate measurements with the help of the rip-fence. The extensibility of the table allows the user to make wider cuts easily.  This tool has a cut height capacity of 3-1/2 inch which helps to cut through materials which four times its size. You will not be able to find any entry level foldable table saws at the price range of SKIL 3410.


SKIL 3410-02 120-Volt has a strong motor and is very useful for cutting even the hardwood. The EZ view measurement feature allows accurate setting, even by novice users. This product comes with one year warranty and 30 days money back guarantee. Hence, the buyer need not have to worry about losing their money on a bad product. The use of corded-electric power sources helps in using the tool where ever you need. The instruction manual along with the package help the user to understand the working of the saw in a better way and to make the installation and necessary adjustments in an easier way. In short, this tool will be a great asset for any homeowner who would like to tackle the wood working needs in the home. You will definitely find this product worth the money. If you handle this tool with care it can last for years.

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